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Admission Related Information

Thank you for your interest in Computer Science and Computer Engineering graduate programs in the School of Computing and Informatics (CMIX)!

The CMIX graduate coordinators (Christoph Borst, and Sheng Chen) handle topics specific to the Computer Science and Computer Engineering degrees.

For other questions or for problems with the application portal, please contact the graduate offices at

Please review the following items:

Most questions that we receive are answered by the information below:

GRE Requirement: GRE scores are not required but, if submitted, will be considered if they strengthen the application.

Fee waivers: The graduate coordinators do not have the power to waive fees. Additionally, the graduate school has stated “the Graduate School does not have the ability to waive the application fee, which covers the administrative and staff costs associated with completing a credential evaluation and facilitating the application review”. The university keeps its fees lower than most universities, for all applicants.

Applicants without a full CS or CE background:

  • Students who do not have background in the following topics will be expected to take relevant background courses: computer architecture, operating systems, and programming languages. Additionally, these may have prerequisites such as knowledge of data structures, algorithms, and math.
  • Applicants with BS degrees related to computer science/engineering, but who do not have background in the above subjects, will be expected to take background courses such as computer architecture, operating systems, and programming languages.
  • Applicants with little or no background in CS/CE (for example, a BS in Social Sciences) should pass the following courses before applying: Advanced Programming, Data Structures, Algorithm Design, and Discrete Math. If such applicants are accepted into our program, they will be required to take relevant background courses to fill any gaps before continuing with our regular graduate courses.

English Proficiency Requirements (TOEFL/IELTS/Duolingo):

Letters of Recommendation: “The Graduate School requires three letters from people who can comment authoritatively on your academic accomplishments, work or internship experience, and/or potential for success in graduate studies.” If you will be a research active student and have arrangements with a faculty member at CMIX to be your advisor, you are encouraged to include a reference letter from your future advisor.

Transcript requirements, including “unofficial” transcript submission For any questions about this requirement, contact

Potential Ph.D. advisor:
Ph.D. applicants are strongly advised to obtain a statement of support from a potential research advisor (CMIX faculty) to ensure that there is a research match and that the student has research guidance from the start. Students may change advisors if a better match is found, especially in their first semester.
You can learn about our faculty and their research interests here:
Ask your potential advisor to send a statement of support directly to the CMIX graduate coordinator. This is an e-mail from them with your name, your ULID, and a comment stating their support.
In the future, the application portal may ask for related information directly.

Funding: Some (limited) assistantships are available to cover tuition and provide a monthly stipend during fall and spring semesters.

  • Teaching assistantships (GTA): CMIX will automatically consider accepted applicants for teaching assistantships. Priority is given to research-oriented students including Ph.D. students and thesis-oriented M.S. students. Ideally, applicants should obtain a statement from a potential research advisor (see above). Chances of support can be further improved by meeting application deadlines and by getting involved in research lab projects (thesis track). The first round of offers is made by April for fall semesters and by October for spring. However, CMIX continues to consider applicants as long as the budget allows.
  • Research assistantships (GRA) are controlled by individual faculty depending on their funding. To obtain such support, students contact individual faculty when there is a match of interests and background. You can learn about our faculty and their research interests here:
  • Fellowships: An overview of fellowships is found here: Out-of-state and international students are eligible for the Robert Elliot May fellowship that can reduce the tuition to "in state" rates. This fellowship is available after admission to students who have not received GTA or GRA support. You can get more information about the fellowship in the below link:

Tuition and Fees: The university posts estimated tables here: