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Program Prerequisites

Each of the degree programs has certain prerequisites that must be satisfied prior to enrolling in graduate courses. A grade of A or B must have been earned in each prerequisite course taken prior to enrolling in one of the graduate degree programs, or the prerequisite course may need to be repeated.

Prerequisites may be taken at UL Lafayette subsequent to admission to a degree program. Students must earn a grade of A or B in all prerequisite courses taken at UL Lafayette. The UL Lafayette course numbers for the various prerequisites appear in parentheses in the remainder of this section.

For all degree programs, the prerequisites include elementary programming and knowledge of at least one well-structured, procedure-oriented language such as Ada, Pascal, or C++ (CMPS 150).

The mathematics prerequisites are: (1) for the MSCS, at least two courses in college-level differential and integral calculus (MATH 270, 301); and (2) for the PhDCS, PhDCE, and MSCE, differential and integral calculus through differential equations (MATH 270, 301, 302, 350). The MSCS and PhDCS programs require one course in applied statistics and probability (STAT 427).

All degree programs require knowledge of software design and data structures (CMPS 405 or 260-261), assembly language programming (CMPS 351), and discrete mathematics and logic design (CMPS 341).

Students entering the PhDCS program must have studied elementary concepts of computer architecture (CMPS 430), programming languages (CMPS 450), operating systems (CMPS 455), and database management systems (CMPS 460).

For the MSCE and PhDCE programs, students must have studied elementary digital logic, microprocessor hardware and software concepts (EECE 240, 342, 340). In addition, students entering the PhDCE program must have studied basic computer architecture (CMPS 430) and operating systems (CMPS 455).

All international students for whom English is not their native tongue are required to take an English proficiency test on the UL Lafayette campus just prior to their first registration. Depending upon the results of this test, they may be required to satisfactorily complete one or two remedial courses in written and/or spoken English. All students should consult the Graduate School office for procedures.

Since prerequisite courses form a foundation for graduate courses, students are required to schedule prerequisites in preference to other courses, and complete them as soon as offerings permit.