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Why Choose CACS?

Unique Environment for Graduate Studies

Since its inception in 1984, CACS has demonstrated a strong contribution to high-quality education and research in the fields of computer science and engineering.The University and CACS have created an environment unique in the nation. CACS is one of the first to merge the overlapping, yet disjointed, disciplines of computer science and computer engineering into a successful graduate program. CACS has a top-notch faculty, conducting cutting-edge research in various areas in computer science and engineering (CACS Research Areas).

Vibrant Student Life

The University is located in Lafayette, the hub of Acadiana, which is characterized by its Cajun music and food and joie de vivre atmosphere. The city, with its population of over 120,000, provides many recreational and cultural opportunities. Lafayette is located approximately 120 miles west of New Orleans. Our award-winning IEEE and ACM chapters (Student Chapters) organize many academic and social gatherings throughout the year, including the Welcome Party for new students, the Thanksgiving Party and the Christmas Party in the Fall semester, and the Annual Student Paper Contest and the Graduation Party in the Spring semester.

Financial Aid

CACS provides various financial support for our graduate students. CACS has a large number of teaching and research assistantships that include a waiver of tuition and most fees. Stipends range from about $8000 to more than $18,000 for the academic year. A number of fellowships, valued at up to $25,000 for up to four years, are available for entering Ph.D. students with superior academic records and exceptional GRE scores. Fellowships valued at up to $15,775 are available for entering M.S. students with superior academic records and strong GRE scores (Application Deadlines).

Bright Career

Throughout the years, CACS graduates have been placed across the world and enjoy a high degree of success in their careers. They have been very active in both academia and industry, contributing in innovative and ground breaking ways. Find out what some of our alumni have been up to since graduation.