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History of CACS

  • 1954 Acquires a rare analog computer, called an "electronic brain"
  • 1959 Offers first computer science course
  • 1960 Installs IBM 1620 digital computer, with total memory and storage capacity of 20 kilobytes
  • 1961 Establishes the first student chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery
  • 1962 Initiated the nation's first Masters of Science program in Computer Science
  • 1964 Awards first master’s degree in computer science
  • 1967 Installs an RCA Spectra 70/45 computer, which enables several computer programs to run simultaneously, along with remote terminals throughout campus
  • 1968 Creates Computer Science Department and establish our Ph.D. program in Computer Science, the first such program in Louisiana
  • 1971 Awards first doctorate in computer science
  • 1984 Establishes the Center for Advanced Computer Studies
  • 1984 Forms new undergraduate Department of Computer Science
  • 1984 Terry Walker appointed as the first CACS Director
  • 1985 CACS and Computer Science Department move from Stephens Hall to the Conference Center on Rex Street; Links some computer workstations on campus by Ethernet
  • 1988 Awards first doctorate in computer engineering
  • 1989 CACS connects to Internet
  • 1990 Michael C. Mulder appointed as CACS Director
  • 1992 CACS offers first cognitive science course
  • 1996 Harold Szu appointed as CACS Director
  • 1997 NASA/UL LAfayette Regional Application Center established
  • 2000 Magdy A. Bayoumi appointed as CACS Director
  • 2004 Offers bachelor’s degree concentration in video game development and design
  • 2006 Installs "Zeke," UL Lafayette’s first supercomputer, and connects it to the Louisiana Optical Network Initiative, a fiber-optic network of eight research universities
  • 2007 CACS and Computer Science Department move to the Advanced Computer Technology and Research Hall
  • 2010 CACS building renamed as James R. Oliver Hall (OLVR)
  • 2012 CACS has been featured as one of the top 50 computer science graduate programs for 2013-14 academic year
  • 2013 Hongyi Wu appointed as CACS Director

Over the years, CACS has hosted a distinguished faculty, including IEEE Fellows, ACM Fellows, and NSF CAREER Award recipients. CACS graduates have been placed across the country and enjoyed a high degree of success in their careers.