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CMIX Faculty leads a project funded by NSF in the amount of $5 million

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CMIX Participated in the STEM Career Fair on February 16, 2022

Career Fair is held every fall and spring semester.

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Dr. Xu Yuan received NSF CAREER Award

Congratulations to Dr. Xu Yuan for receiving the prestigious NSF CAREER Award. As part of this award, Dr.

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NSF has funded a project at CMIX that addresses precise regional forecasting via intelligent and rapid harness on national scale hydrometeorological Big Data. It aims to improve meteorological and hydrologic forecasts by integrating massive atmospheric data sets with gathered surface data for finer temporal and spatial predictions, containing both fundamental research and experimental activities. Its solution approach is innovative by leveraging the actual gathered data as feedback to make prediction models generate better products with multiple near-term time horizons.

NSF is awarding $5 million to the project. Dr. Nianfeng Tzeng leads the team of Dr. Xu Yuan, Dr. Li Chen, and Dr. Hassan Najafi from CMIX, along with their collaborators from five universities in Louisiana, Alabama, and Kentucky, as well as the U.S. Geological Survey.