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Spring Fest 2024 at CMIX was a Success

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Congratulations to Dr. Hassan Najafi for receiving an NSF CAREER Award

Congratulations to Dr. Hassan Najafi for receiving the prestigious NSF CAREER Award. As part of this award, Dr.

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Spring Fest 2024 at Oliver Hall was a vibrant celebration that boosted our community spirit. Kayla Winey, an alumna and tech professional who previously led the event as an ACM-W leader in 2019, returned to campus with exciting CGI swag and valuable internship opportunities. Kelly Rick contributed by distributing outreach materials and CRMS data from the Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection, and Restoration Act. With Dr. Sonya Hsu's support, the student organizations—ACM-W, WiCyS, and ACM—and their active members and leaders successfully coordinated this event. The festival included delicious food, fun games, and a unique social AR filter, making it a joyful and memorable end to the 2024 Spring semester for everyone in the Computing and Informatics Department.