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Dr. Borst and Dr. Kulshreshth chair ACM SUI Symposium and CMIX Students Present VR Research

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Dr. Christoph Borst and Dr. Arun Kulshreshth were the general chairs of the 7th ACM Symposium on Spatial User Interaction (SUI) in New Orleans (October 19-20, 2019). ACM SUI is an international event that brings together top researchers and practitioners who focus on spatial interaction for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and for real environments. Instructor Nicholas Lipari and graduate students Jason Woodworth and Adil Khokhar also helped organize the event.

Both graduate and undergraduate students from CMIX showed ongoing VR research at the event, as summarized in picture captions below.

Graduate students Yitoshee Rahman, Sarker Asish and Adil Khokar presented a poster titled “Gaze Data Visualizations for Educational VR Applications”.

Graduate student Ekram Hossain presented a poster titled “Exploring the Effects of Stereoscopic 3D on Gaming Experience Using Physiological Sensors”.

Graduate students Andrew Yoshimura and Adil Khokhar presented an interactive demo titled “Visual Cues to Restore Student Attention based on Eye Gaze Drift, and Application to an Offshore Training System”.

Graduate and undergraduate students Jason Woodworth and David Broussard presented an interactive demo titled “Collaborative Interaction in Large Explorative Environments”.