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Computer Science Concentrations

By the time a student pursuing a Bachelors degree in Computer Science graduates, he or she will have completed a concentration consisting of selected courses that relate to a particular application area. Students generally choose their concentration in the first two years of the program. Whichever concentration is chosen, every graduate will have taken the demanding common set of courses required of all of our graduates.  Each concentration area within the degree program has a collection of required courses and required electives. The electives are chosen from lists of eligible courses specific to each concentration.

Cloud Computing

A concentration in cloud computing selects electives related to cloud computing, parallel and distributed computing, accounting, and business related fields. This concentration is frequently chosen by students having strong business interests and a desire to enter the corporate or government workforce, or build their own businesses.

Computer Engineering

Interested in electronics and computer hardware but insist on having a strong computing background? The computer engineering concentration selects electives that give students a strong background in digital systems, circuits, and hardware design, including several advanced courses from the William Hansen Hall Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Cyber Security

This concentration offers an interdisciplinary course of study that includes computing, business law, criminal justice, and social factors. The concentration prepares students to develop the knowledge and skills to build, operate, analyze, and test secure computing-based solutions and systems.

General / Undecided

Until students are ready to define which concentration they will focus in, they are permitted to pursue a general concentration that ensures they meet the minimum common course requirements for all of our graduates.

Scientific Computing

The scientific computing concentration selects electives related to advanced math, physics, and graphics. This concentration helps prepare students to work in demanding areas of applied computing in science and engineering-heavy fields, including petroleum, biomedical, and environmental management careers.

Video Game Design and Development

Interested in gaming and entertainment computing? Fascinated by the advanced graphics, musical and visual experience, enjoyable user experience, artificial worlds and artificial intelligences? The Video Game Design and Development selects electives related to video games, human-computer interaction, graphics, artificial intelligence, visual arts and visual design, and storytelling.