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Labs & Groups

Biological Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (BAIL)

Director: Maida, Anthony
Office: Oliver Hall, Room 355
Phone: (337) 482-6308

Mission: Deep learning, neural networks, brain simulation.

Computer Architecture and Networks (CAN) Laboratory

Director: Tzeng, Nian
Office: Oliver Hall, Room 354
Phone: (337) 482-6304

Mission: CAN Laboratory provides a stimulating environment in CACS for members to undertake basic research and experimental studies related to the disciplines of computer architecture and computer networks.

View the Computer Architecture and Networks Lab website.

Data Analysis and Deep Learning (DADL) Laboratory

Director: Islam, Aminul
Office: Oliver Hall, Room 219
Phone: (337) 482-6609

Mission: Basic research and experimental studies related to deep learning and data analysis.


Director: Tozal, Mehmet Engin
Office: Oliver Hall, Room 346
Phone: (337) 482-6604

Mission: complex systems and statistical learning, including graph and data analytics, health informatics and cybersecurity.

Emerging Computing Technologies (ECT) Laboratory

Director: Najafi, M. Hassan
Office: James R. Oliver, Room 353
Phone: (337) 482-6732

High Performance Cloud Computing (HPCC) Laboratory

Director: Amini, Mohsen
Office: Oliver Hall, Room 230
Phone: (337) 482-5708

Mission: Cloud computing, resource allocation, heterogeneity, and trustworthiness.

Visit the High Performance Cloud Computing (HPCC) Lab website.

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Laboratory

Director: Kulshreshth, Arun
Office: Oliver Hall, Room 363
Phone: (337) 482-6638

Mission: Interaction design for video games and virtual reality content.

Visit the HCI Lab Website

Laboratory for Internet Computing (LINC)

Director: Raghavan, Vijay
Office: Oliver Hall, Room 305
Phone: (337) 482-6603

Mission: Information retrieval and extraction, conceptual categorization of text/images, knowledge discovery in databases, big data analytics, integration of unstructured, semi-structured and structured data, bioinformatics.

Intelligent Systems, Modeling and Simulation (ISMS) Lab

Director: Totaro, Michael W.
Office: Oliver Hall, Room 203
Phone: (337) 482-5697

Mission: Modeling and simulation (M&S) across a broad range of disciplines, using: Discrete-event M&S, agent-based M&S, system dynamics M&S, and intelligent systems M&S (for example, machine learning approaches -- deep learning, supervised / unsupervised, and so on).

Software Research Laboratory (SRL)

Director: Lakhotia, Arun
Office: Oliver Hall, Room 325
Phone: (337) 482-6766

Mission: Software, security, trusted computing.

Visit the Software Research Lab website.

Virtual Reality Laboratory

Director: Borst, Christoph
Office: Oliver Hall, Room 240
Phone: (337) 482-1023

Mission: 3D Interaction, Haptic Interfaces, and Scientific Visualization.

Visit the VR Lab website

VLSI Laboratory

Director: Bayoumi, Magdy
Office: Oliver Hall, Room 209
Phone: (337) 482-6285

Mission: Computer hardware and systems, communications and networks.

Visit the VLSI Lab website.

Wireless Embedded Device Security Lab (WEDS)

Director:  Xiali (Sharon) Hei
Office: Oliver Hall, Room 120 & 234
Phone: (337) 482-1037

Mission: WEDS Laboratory provides a stimulating environment in CACS for members to undertake basic research and experimental studies related to the disciplines of cyber-physical system security and data analytics.

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